Interesting Connections

A colleague of mine recently shared a research-connection-making site with me. The idea behind the site is to help create new links between research topics by doing machine searches for key words on sites such as the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), Europeana, and Flickr Commons.

I added my dissertation abstract, from which it extracted the keywords: feedback, planning, speed, utilizes, like, console, knowledge, much, better, setting, input, combination, game, using, and literacy.

What surprised me was that those keywords returned several images of people playing the piano!

Some highlights:

Here is the full list of results, from DPLA, Europeana, Flickr Commons,  and Trove:

  1. Baseball game: From Trove.
  2. plan:  From Europeana.
  3. Piano:  From Europeana.
  4. Jean Sibelius soittaa pianoa:  From Europeana.
  5. Alemania hoy:  From Europeana.
  6. pianistit esiintymässä väsähtäneelle yleisölle:  From Europeana.
  7. Literacy: From Trove.
  8. pianotaiteilija ja säveltäjä Ilmari Hannikainen:  From Europeana.
  9. Germany Today:  From Europeana.
  10. New literacies : changing knowledge and classroom learning / Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel: From Trove.
  11. Jean Sibelius:  From Europeana.
  12. Alemania con acento:  From Europeana.
  13. pianotaiteilija Arvi Valkonen:  From Europeana.
  14. (Schistad albumer):  From Europeana.