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Interesting Connections

A colleague of mine recently shared a research-connection-making site with me. The idea behind the site is to help create new links between research topics by doing machine searches for key words on sites such as the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), Europeana, and Flickr Commons. I added my dissertation abstract, from which it extracted … Continue reading

Serious Games and Health Conference

This is the poster I’m presenting on Friday, May 13 at the Serious Games and Health Conference.  I am interested in feedback, as I think this is a somewhat new idea/angle and I would like to work to further develop it. Comments welcome! This poster describes a method of analyzing patient education games to discern the values … Continue reading

Announcing the Final Examination of Mrs. Emily K. Johnson for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Announcing the Final Examination of Mrs. Emily K. Johnson for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Date: October 30, 2015 Time: 2:30 pm Room: CAH-192 (large conference room) Dissertation title:  Making waves, mixing colors, and using mirrors: The self-regulated learning support features and procedural rhetoric of three whole-body educational games This dissertation explores three whole-body educational … Continue reading

What is Texts and Technology?

This is an article I wrote for the Texts and Technology Student Organization Blog. What is Texts and Technology? By Emily Johnson It’s a common question posed to students of the UCF T&T Ph.D. Program.  The misinterpretations of our family and friends are often quite humorous. One student’s mother thinks she only programs cell phone … Continue reading